Selecting a Provider of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

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September 8, 2018
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Procuring semiconductor equipment in our globalized market is not as simple and straight forward as you may think.  Being very clear on your company’s needs and specific requirements are, of course, the first steps.

Next, carefully select your provider of the equipment.  Many potential providers exist but often they primarily are brokers who simply want to buy and resell equipment without adding much value for you.  Others attempt to refurbish tools but do not have all the expertise, experience and facilities to provide an end-to-end turnkey solution.

Choose a provider that has been in business for ten years or more and staffed with the specialized expertise to work on complex semiconductor equipment.  Most importantly, choose a refurbisher you can trust to deliver everything you need.

Before beginning to work with an equipment partner:

  • Scope out and review your immediate and longer terms needs with your budget parameters
  • Research the general options you have on what and how to accomplish your solutions
  • With a clear process in mind, develop the specific product/service definitions

Conation Technologies has become the leader in providing expert advice, project planning and turnkey solutions in the refurbished, surplus and used market working as a partner with hundreds of world-wide customers.

In business for 12 years, with offices in multiple locations – San Jose (California), Austin Texas, Seattle and Taipei, a reputation centered around professionalism and quality, semiconductor manufacturers have come to trust and rely on the professionals at Conation. Get in touch with Conation Technologies today.


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