Refurbished Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment: The Three Keys for Your Successful Procurement

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August 25, 2018
Selecting a Provider of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
September 10, 2018
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1. Identify Your Requirements

An end-to-end turnkey solution helps you avoid unnecessary work and finger pointing that happens when you must coordinate several entities to enable equipment into production.  One provider should deliver the equipment fully operational to your specifications and train your team.

Your provider should make the experience streamlined with minimum effort for you as well as responsive and effective ongoing post-installation support, including parts and labor warranty.

2. Understand the Process

Select a provider that consistently follows a thorough refurbishment process.  The process should include:

  • Full understanding of your specifications for the refurbished equipment
  • Acquisition of equipment from the original owner
  • Careful receipt and unpacking at the provider’s own facility
  • Powering up of equipment in fully equipped facility including cleanroom
  • Evaluation and testing
  • Repair and replacement of parts as needed
  • Calibration to documented standards
  • Comprehensive final test
  • Quality assurance certification
  • Packing and shipping by qualified logistics firm
  • Receive and installation at your location
  • Test and acceptance
  • Training of your team

3. Select Your Preferred Refurbisher

Choose a provider that has been in business for ten years or more and is staffed with the specialized expertise to work on complex semiconductor equipment.  

Most importantly, choose a refurbisher you can trust to deliver everything you need.

Conation Technologies for 12 years has provided all these benefits as the trusted supplier for hundreds of manufacturers. Get in touch with Conation Technologies today.


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